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TPSA Project Promotes Environmentally Friendly Fashion

April 24, 2018

- Bandung

The TPSA project, in collaboration with BEDO (Business Export Development Organization), launched a public awareness campaign for a more environmentally and socially responsible fashion industry. The campaign was held on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th in the Bandung Creative Hub, to mark the birth of the global “slow fashion” movement. The campaign promotes and disseminates information on more environmentally friendly apparel and footwear production and consumption patterns. Campaign activities include talk shows on the circular economy, movie screenings, up-cycling fashion design contest, natural dye and up-cycling workshops, and product exhibitions. Up-cycling is the process of transforming used and/ or waste materials into better products. Some firms from Bali and Yogyakarta, which have already begun up-cycling, will also be participating in the exhibition.

The current practice of “fast fashion,” which focuses on quick and cheap clothing production and market delivery, relies on a great deal of resources (water, cotton, chemical, dyes) and cheap labour, and generates pollution and waste. This excessive resource consumption and waste put considerable pressure on the planet and is not sustainable. The Fashion Revolution movement calls for a more sustainable way of doing business that is fairer, environmentally cleaner, and more transparent. It is the opposite of the current “take, make, use, dispose”. The campaign increased awareness in the fashion industry and consumers on an innovative new economic model that is friendlier to the environment and more sustainable for tomorrow’s markets.