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TPSA Holds Gender-Awareness Workshop for Coffee Cooperatives in Aceh

October 3, 2018

- Takengon, Aceh Tengah

TPSA has partnered with Fairtrade-Network of Asia-Pacific Producers (NAPP) on a series of activities designed to improve democratic governance and gender-inclusiveness in Indonesian coffee cooperatives.

The first activity was a one-day awareness-raising workshop of gender inequality issues for both male and female leaders of 23 Fairtrade-certified coffee cooperatives in Aceh. Participants became familiar with gender concepts, such as gender equality and gender equity, and how these concepts are integral to the cooperative principles and values of democracy, non-discrimination, and transparency as well as with Fairtrade’s standards of equity and fair labour practices. Small group discussions helped participants to reflect on how their respective cooperatives have practiced cooperative principles, abide by Fairtrade standards, and observe gender equality and gender equity. The activity ended with the participants producing an action plan on how to promote gender equality and equity at the individual, cooperative, and broader community levels.