Greg Elms

Field Director

Gregory (Greg) Elms brings over 30 years of experience in international private sector development and program management, with special emphasis on Indonesia to his role as Field Director at TPSA. Prior to joining TPSA, Greg served for ten years as Investment Advisor to Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board as part of the Canada-Indonesia Business Development Office.

Greg also managed a diverse number of trade and investment climate projects for the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank.  There, he performed advisory work for multi-donor projects, which included directing regulatory reform, public-private dialogue, smart regulation, investment policy, special economic zones, investment promotion and facilitation. Greg served as Team Leader for the EU-funded Trade Cooperation Facility.

Said Fauzan Baabud

Project Manager

Said is Project Manager at the Canada-Indonesia Trade and Private Sector Assistance Project of The Conference Board of Canada. Said Fauzan Baabud has worked in the development sector since 2005, generally in large projects financed by international development agencies such as The World Bank and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). He has extensive experience including emergency and recovery post disaster, livelihoods recovery and sustainable development projects. He has experience in renewable energy projects in Indonesia such as wind farm and mini hydro and waste management infrastructure.

Rony Soerakoesoemah

Trade and Investment Expert

Rony brings more than two decades of experience in the delivery of government and business policy to his role of Trade and Investment Expert at TPSA. He is responsible for the delivery of technical assistance designed by the Project to the various agencies of the Ministry of Trade, Indonesia. Rony has extensive experience in regional co-operation in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and has managed regional and national trade and investment programs for South East Asian governments.

Rony has collaborated with several trade partners to identify activities that build the capacity of government officials, particularly in the areas of trade policy analysis, trade information flows, and regulatory reforms. Prior to his development work, Rony was a banker specializing in corporate finance and banking.

Julia Caffelany Sembiring

Communications Manager

Julia applies more than ten years of experience in in bilateral and development cooperation to her role as Communications Manager at TPSA.  In this role, Julia develops and implements a strategic, results-oriented communication plan for the TPSA project. She provides recommendations for TPSA’s communication vehicles, including creating trade publication directed at SME exporters, while coordinating and managing project visibilities.  Prior to joining TPSA, Julia worked at various international bilateral/multilateral projects and non-governmental organizations.

Julia holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and a Master of Science in Communication Management from University of Indonesia.

Dini Handayani

Event and Logistics Manager

Dini brings her extensive experience with Indonesian Government administrative systems to her role of Event and Logistics Manager at TPSA. Among other tasks, Dini coordinates all aspects of TPSA events. Prior to joining TPSA, Dini worked for an Ottawa-based management consulting company as Project Secretary, where she worked closely with various Indonesian Ministries such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Culture, and Ministry of Home Affairs.

Siti Hairiah

Indonesia Financial Officer

Siti brigs her impressive attention to detail and her passion for assisting female Indonesian entrepreneurs and SMEs to her role as Indonesia Financial Officer at TPSA. Siti joined TPSA in January 2015 as Project Assistant and caries out day-to-day financial activities within TPSA projects in Indonesia.. Outside of work, Siti can often be found indulging herself in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes she cracked down, through the internet, from all around the globe.

Rahman Dako

Environmental Coordinator

Rahman Dako is responsible for implementation of TPSA’s project environmental activities, including providing liaison between TPSA Project and government and non-government stakeholders.

Before joining TPSA Project in 2016, Rahman has had long experience in environmental advocacy, governance and community development issues. Since 1995, he has worked with non-government organizations at local, national and international levels including WALHI (Friends of the Earth Indonesia), Wetlands International, and IUCN Asia Regional Office.  He is founder of local NGOs in his hometown, Gorontalo, including JAPESDA, Gorontalo Green Community and several community groups.  He also has experience as a consultant on natural resources management planning, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and environment-related studies with several International development agencies and local/national governments.

Leya Cattleya

Senior Gender Equality Consultant

Leya Cattleya is responsible for undertaking analysis of Indonesia’s trade and investment regulations of selected industries from a gender perspective, including the identification of constraints faced by women-owned or -operated small and medium enterprises (SME). Her sectoral experience includes: poverty reduction, women economic empowerment, SME and private sector development, human and women rights, violence against women, law and justice, migration, indigenous people, education, health, and civic governance.

Leya graduated from the Center for the Development of Economics, Williams College, Massachusetts USA. She started her career as a planner in the National Planning Board (BAPPENAS) of the Government of Indonesia in 1986, and took a position as an Economic Specialist of the USAID in the American Embassy in Jakarta in 1993. Since 1999, she has been an independent consultant for bilateral agencies, multilateral agencies, consulting firms and research organizations.

Dati Fatimah

Gender Equality Officer

As a member of the Gender Team, Dati Fatimah is responsible for further developing and ensuring implementation of the TPSA’s gender equality strategy to contribute towards achievement of gender equality results.

Dati worked as a researcher and consultant for government and international development organizations before joining the TPSA Project team in 2015. Her assignments have included consultancy services and research in the area of gender mainstreaming into economic empowerment, local development planning and budgeting, project evaluation, community-based disaster management and climate change, as well as social protection.  Dati has a bachelor degree in Economics and an M.A. in Political Science from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.